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We Raise Concrete

Concrete lifting and void filling

We offer a quick and affordable way to lift sunken concrete, fill voids, seal leaks and more. We use the best polyurethane foam technology, process and patents in the industry. You can trust WE Raise Concrete to do a great job with our expert skills and knowledge. We proudly stand behind our work and offer an area leading 4 year warranty.

What We Raise

All solid slabs of concrete can be raised & stabilized. Gravel areas, blacktops and pavers sitting in sand can not be raised but the soil underneath can be stabilized with Deep FoamJection Slabs of concrete that are badly cracked may be too damaged to lift.

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Why WE Raise Concrete?

Say goodbye to sunken surfaces with polyurethane foam injection. This innovative technique is a quick and easy fix that can lift and level sunken surfaces in just a matter of hours. Not only is it a more economical solution, but it also reduces the risk of further damage to your property.

Why Concrete Settles ?

Poor or improper compaction on the base
  • Loose base materials.
Machine traffic vibrations
  • Industrial traffic lead to base compaction.
  • Highway traffic lead to base compaction.
  • Damaged waterlines/sewer lines washout material.
  • Downspouts cause pooling water.
  • Freeze/thaw cycle.
  • Heat can cause buckling of slabs

Benefits Of Polyurethane Concrete Raising

Cost Effective: Concrete raising is typically about half the cost of replacing the same concrete. Ultimately, the cost of raising or stabilizing concrete is a direct reflection of how much foam the project will require

Time: Most projects are completed in a few hours. The foam is fully cured in 15 minutes allowing for immediate vehicular traffic

Clean Work Environment: No concrete or grout splatter and no wash down needed. No heavy equipment will drive through your lawn and disrupt your landscape

Smaller Holes: Polyurethane concrete raising drills a nearly invisible 5/8 inch hole and the process calls for considerably fewer holes than traditional mudjacking; Minimal patchwork is needed.

Lightweight: This material will never lose its density, is permanent, and weighs only 2lbs. per cubic foot. Compared to traditional Mudjacking material, which weighs on average of 100lbs per cubic foot.

Green: Every time concrete is raised, we are saving concrete slabs from landfills by raising versus replacing concrete!

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